Tanning Bed Equipment

Titanium Level


The Ultimate Tanning Experience

9 Rotating high pressure Facial Tanners
Shoulder & Neck Tanners
Cooling sensation of Misty Breeze
I-Pod & MP3 compatible stereo system with subwoofers
Tanning experience you could never imagine!
Ibed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

Stand-Up Vitesse
Pure Heaven

  • 60 of our 250 watt lamps
  • Private Changing area
  • Elevated floor
  • Docking Station
  • Build the Ultimate Dark Color
Vitesse Sun capsule Tanning near Brick, NJ

KBL 7900

Luxury at its Finest!

For clients that demand the BEST! A tanning bed that delivers unmatched features & results. This bed features Aqua Cool Mist, Air Conditioning & Multiple Tanning Settings to choose from! Pure sunlight lamps deliver the perfect combination of UVA & UVB light, for a dark and longer lasting tan! Beauty Booster HypoRed LED lights that promote a beautiful, longer lasting color. Turn tanning & relaxing into one exclusive experience!

Platinum Level

The Extasy Bed
All Bronzing Bed

  • Large Interior
  • 15 High Pressure facial lamps
  • Wide reflecting surface and a combination of High & Low Pressure lamps
  • Perfect for any skin type
Extasy Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

The Universe Bed
Incredible Results with Total Comfort

  • 5 High pressure facial lamps
  • 52 body lamps, divided between the canopy and base, together with the
    face unit for exceptional results
  • Electronically-controlled ventilation system offers complete comfort
    throughout your tanning session
Universe Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

The Starship Standup
Tan Lines Eliminated!
The Ultimate Tanning Machine

  • Private Changing area
  • 50 Lamps, 4 times the amount of tanning power
  • Perfect If you are having trouble tanning sides & Underarms
  • Powerful Ventilation system for the Ultimate Tanning Experience
Tanning near Brick, NJ

Gold Level

The Vega Lux Stand Up
No Tan Lines here!

  • 360° Tanning Experience
  • Tan hard to reach areas like under arms and pressure points
  • High Powered cooling system to deliver an unforgettable even,bronze tan
Affordable Tanning salon near Brick, NJ

KBL Alpha 5600
The Futuristic Superbed

  • Premium performance, dynamic and powerful
  • Combination of 160w and 180w lamps gives it that extra edge
  • 4 powerful 500 Watt facials
  • AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning
  • Spacious interior
  • Dynamic LED edging
  • Pull down canopy
Alpha Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

Silver Level

Bronze Level

The Cobra Bed
Build your Base Tan..Faster!

  • A comfortable, bigger bed than our Bronze Level unit
  • Easy Lift Canopy
  • 32 Lamps with 3 high pressure facial lamps to give you the darkest results
    in your face and neck
  • Extremely powerful ventilation programmed to give an even, seductive tan
Cobra Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

The Holiday Bed
Great for getting your base tan and maintaining it!

  • 32 High output reflector lamps
  • 2 high pressure facial lamps to give you the darkest result in your face and
  • Basic Tanning used to establish & Maintain your base tan
Holiday Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ