Tanning Bed Equipment

Titanium Level


The Ultimate Tanning Experience

9 Rotating high pressure Facial Tanners
Shoulder & Neck Tanners
Cooling sensation of Misty Breeze
I-Pod & MP3 compatible stereo system with subwoofers
Tanning experience you could never imagine!
Ibed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

Stand-Up Vitesse
Pure Heaven

  • 60 of our 250 watt lamps
  • Private Changing area
  • Elevated floor
  • Docking Station
  • Build the Ultimate Dark Color
Vitesse Sun capsule Tanning near Brick, NJ

Platinum Level

The Extasy Bed
All Bronzing Bed

  • Large Interior
  • 15 High Pressure facial lamps
  • Wide reflecting surface and a combination of High & Low Pressure lamps
  • Perfect for any skin type
Extasy Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

The Universe Bed
Incredible Results with Total Comfort

  • 5 High pressure facial lamps
  • 52 body lamps, divided between the canopy and base, together with the
    face unit for exceptional results
  • Electronically-controlled ventilation system offers complete comfort
    throughout your tanning session
Universe Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

The Starship Standup
Tan Lines Eliminated!
The Ultimate Tanning Machine

  • Private Changing area
  • 50 Lamps, 4 times the amount of tanning power
  • Perfect If you are having trouble tanning sides & Underarms
  • Powerful Ventilation system for the Ultimate Tanning Experience
Tanning near Brick, NJ

Gold Level

Blue Moon Bed
The Ultimate Tanning Machine

  • 4 High Pressure facials to give you the darkest results
  • 44 High output reflector lamps to guarantee a deeper, darker, golden tan
  • Powerful ventilation system ensures maximum tanning comfort
  • Canopy’s electric lift allows for easy access in & out of tanning unit to
    ensure even tan and helpful for those who are closterphobic
Blue Moon Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

The Vega Lux Stand Up
No Tan Lines here!

  • 360° Tanning Experience
  • Tan hard to reach areas like under arms and pressure points
  • High Powered cooling system to deliver an unforgettable even,bronze tan
Affordable Tanning salon near Brick, NJ

KBL Alpha 5600
The Futuristic Superbed

  • Premium performance, dynamic and powerful
  • Combination of 160w and 180w lamps gives it that extra edge
  • 4 powerful 500 Watt facials
  • AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning
  • Spacious interior
  • Dynamic LED edging
  • Pull down canopy
Alpha Bed Sunless Tanning near Brick, NJ

Silver Level

Bronze Level